hello from the happy co!

My name is Karen and I am the dreamer behind the happy co. I am an intuitive reiki healer, holistic counsellor, meditation guide, teacher, lover of meditation, yoga and crystals, proud pug mum and traveller at heart.


Prior to diving deep into the beautiful world of holistic health, I worked as a Primary school teacher and Assistant Principal for 13 years in Sydney and Newcastle, of which I found a lot of joy and satisfaction.

In 2016, my hubby and I ran away for the best part of a year to live out of backpacks and travel the world! We visited many parts of South East Asia, India and Nepal and to say it changed my life might sound a bit OTT - but it's true! 

There are no more important lessons than the ones you learn when travelling, and I am very grateful for all the experiences that have helped me understand more about myself and deepened my passion for holistic health.

Since then, a combination of formal study and a range of serendipitous experiences has helped me to turn something I love into something I live - and something I want to share. And with that decision the happy co was born. 

the happy co. is simply named – because don't we all just want to be happy? My little Audrey brings a lot of love to the equation. Enjoying snuggles, sun baking on the porch, chasing balls at the beach (but never picking them up!) - she is my heart, she is my happy.