I am smiles today! Last night I hosted my first Goddess Group in Bondi and it was such a beautiful night. My heart is bursting to think that another group is being created, and I can only hope it flourishes as much as our Newcastle girl gang! Hehe :)

To have time to gather with other women, listen to their stoires and have that reassurance that we are not alone in our stresses, our challenges, our self-love adventures - it is so grounding and I am grateful every week.

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At tonight's Goddess Group we are talking 'Love'. And specifically, Self-love.

Initially when I thought of this topic, I felt a twinge inside me. A ltttle alarm- that inner critic fired off some doubtful, fear-based thoughts. Who else can find it easier to critique themself, than say words of love and affirmation? 

Rather than changing the topic, I knew this was an area for growth! We need to be able to value ourselves and celebrate the amazing qualities that make us the divine goddesses that we KNOW we are! 

So I ask you to ponder - What is it that YOU love about YOU? 
Could you express (to yourself, a friend or a family member) what you feel makes you a pretty great human?  And without feeling embarrassed or conceited?  What do you believe are your beautiful gifts/talents/qualities? 

Then OWN these wonderful qualities you possess and know they make you the special person that you are. 

Go shine your light my friends, go shine them bright!

From my heart to yours,

Karen xxx