Time to Trust ... I am getting the message loud and clear!

How has your week been?

If I had to use one word to describe the theme of my week, it would be Trust with a capital T! ;) For a word that instills such a sense of hope, I have to admit for that a very long time I have felt nothing but daunted by it, and what it means for me.

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You know those sayings....

Go with the flow

Trust the process

Well yes, we all know them, but who finds this easy to do? 

I'm happy to admit - certainly not me! 

The capricorn-sun-virgo-rising within me constantly wants to know how I am going to reach my goals, worrying about taking the 'right' next steps and needing the 'intangible' to be waaayyy more 'tangible' and obvious. And gosh, I hope that I am not the ony one! In saying that, I think we all know deep down that we need to release this pressure or perfectionsim - we need to let go of needing to control everything and make space to allow. To see what happens when we TRUST. 

I got this 'trust' message loud and clear a number of times over the course of the week. During meditation. During a kinesiology session. During an astrology session based on my birthchart. I also found elements of it speaking to me through Instagram and the posts that were popping up in my feed. Plus, I'm reading The Alchemist and well, if you have read it you will know, it's all about trusting in your soul's journey.

So I have been upping my 'trust' game!! It's been the focus of my journalling. I have been creating little mantras for mediation or affrimations for saying in the car. I have also printed out the word trust on little bits of paper and popped them in random spots where they will act as constant little reminder to me. Keep believing. Release unhealthy control. Stay open to 'allowing'. 

The beach has been an ideal place to spend time this past week. The waves a reminder of how when we tune in to the water element, things can flow more easily.....

And in our flow, well then that's where the real magic happens, doesn't it!

From my heart to yours,

Karen xxx