Is it time to nourish YOU? 3 simple ways to add a little self care to your week!

We hear the terms self love and self care so often, but what do they actually mean to you?

Does a few hours in day spa come to mind? A nourishing meal? Is it making time to see your girlfriends and enjoy a bottle of bubbles? Or is it going for a run to clear your head? Any, or all, of these could be ways to show yourself a little love. And that’s the trick – it’s finding what makes YOUR heart smile and making time for that in your busy schedule!

For me, self care and self love are intertwined. In my own experience, and so often with the clients I see in my practice, all we really desire is to find simple ways to care for ourselves. We seek actions that will help us restore and replenish our energy levels and discover vibrant health on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When we begin to tune in to what our mind and body needs, and we allow ourselves to move with more flow and from a place of intuition. And it is from here that our self love grows. We realise we are SO worthy of taking time for self-nourishment. By filling our cup first, we are then so much more able to give to others, and ourselves, from a place of love, gratitude and high vibration :)

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1.     BREATHE

For quite a few years now, meditation has been a key part of my self-care routine. It has been the one practice that has stayed constant and become so integral in assisting me to connect to myself, my thoughts, my hopes and visions. Meditation not only allows us to ease our mind, relax the body and nourish the nervous system (by taking us out of fight-or-flight), it also creates space to just be with ourselves and strengthen this inner connection to self. It’s good to remind ourselves that everyone’s practice will look different and that a big part of it is discovering what resonates with you. I am also a huge fan of yoga! I find it such a nourishing way to move my body, connect to the breath and find a sense of calm within my day.

2.     LOVE

I absolutely love affirmations! Why? Because repetition is the key to rewriting old subconscious programs that no longer serve us. Too often the words we use when speaking to ourselves come from a place of fear and not love, and so positive affirmations help switch this mindset and develop a new sense of kindness and confidence towards ourselves. I do affirmations all time - when I am driving, putting on my make up, hanging out the washing, brushing my teeth - whenever! By thinking or saying kind words to ourselves, we begin to truly nourish our minds (rewriting neural pathways!) and over time we find this is becomes reflected beautifully in our physical environment, health, self-esteem, relationships, career, finances or other areas of our life.

3.     SMILE

Do something that makes your heart smile! It could be as simple as sitting down with a cuppa or taking your fur baby for a walk to the beach. Maybe it’s wearing red lipstick to work when you usually save it for Friday night out. Your idea of heaven might be blocking out 3 hours of your Saturday to watch Netflix, or buying fresh flowers from the market each week. Some of my favourite things to do are sitting outside in the sunshine with a good book, having a reiki treatment or massage or enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day. Whatever the action, big or small, do what lights you up!

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