you're probably an essential oil-addict (or well on your way!) but want something to diffuse your oils in that looks pretty and isn’t made of tacky plastic!

When is started using essential oils, I felt like all I could find was weird shaped or coloured diffusers and nothing suited the white, minimalist look of my home. 

When I finally discovered these diffusers, I was one happy girl! 

A glass dome lid and bamboo base, the Alcyon SOL Diffuseris as pretty as it is functional and will fitwith the décor of any home. So much so, that I have them dotted all around my house on display - and for use too, of course!

I have one in my bedroom which promotes a peaceful environment and doubles as mood lighting, if you choose to use the light function. There are several colours to choose from, or you can turn the light off altogether.

The one in the living room both purifies the air and creates a beautiful atmosphere. People always remark how good my house smells when they walk in! 

I have one in our home office to diffuse oils which help with ‘focus’ and I also use them in my Reiki spaces in Newcastle and Bondi. Actually, the reason I became a wholesaler is because I believe in the product, they are definitely THE nicest looking diffusers I've seen – but mostly because my clients are always asking me where they can get one! 

Here’s some of the more important information….

As this diffuser uses ultrasound instead of heat, it preserves the quality of your oils, enhances scents and ensures you are getting the most out of your essential oils.

It works as an air ioniser and purifier plus it’s super quiet so I can leave it on at night for a calmer sleep. For children, it could double as a night light. 

On a single fill, it can diffuse continuously for 8 hours.

There are 3 light settings – Alternating colours, Single colour or Light off.

Each diffuser comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty.



Cost: $85 each, plus shipping (within Australia only)


If you’re interested in purchasing, simply email me at or use the contact form below. Provide your address and postcode, and I'll calculate the cost of shipping to you. 

Alternatively, if you live in Newcastle, NSW, we can organise pick up from my house or I can drop it off to you if you're nearby. 

Feel free to email me if you have any further questions!

Karen xxx




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